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I anxiously anticipated my trip to Acadia National Park for over a year.  I poured over books, “googled” and perused websites.  I searched the forums.  I had very high expectations.  I was not disappointed.

We flew from Saginaw to Detroit to Bangor, ME on Friday.  An unexpected pleasure was a window seat on the North side of the airplane and a “birds eye” view of the entire state of Vermont, as we passed by!  On arrival in the park, we drove the Park Loop Road before we even checked into our Inn in quaint Bar Harbor.  We were in a monsoon when we arrived, but the rest of the week was dry, with a couple of days of sun.  We did fight the wind the entire trip, but that wasn’t able to staunch our excitement at finding photo opportunity after opportunity.

I had been told that Otter Cliff was not only “the” photo op in the park but that there was a special beach from which to gain optimal perspective.  We worked a bit to find “boulder beach,” but we did and we spent 3 of the 5 mornings there from the twilight alpenglow until well after sunrise.  I brought back 2 images which I cannot decide between.

At every turn, we found carriage roads and bridges, streams, rapids and waterfalls, ponds, and foliage.  And that was just in the park.  There are hundreds of images which begged to be taken — and we may have found 20% of them!

When in Rome . . . . .  My wife and I had 7-8 lobster meals between us.  Bar Harbor is a wonderful little town with great restaurants.  Probably 40% of them were closed when we arrive and maybe 60% by the time we left and we still had no problem eating well.  And the folks at Quimby House, our Inn, were helpful and courteous and downright friendly.

One of the benefits of our craft, as I said in a previous blog, is knowing a kindred soul.  On this trip, as in past photography trips, my best friend, Rich and his wife joined us.  We had a great time and there is nothing better than to share the near-religious experience of being in nature when the sun rises, with someone.  And no one better than a close friend and kindred spirit.  Thanks, Rich, for sharing one of those moments.  You can see his work at Richness Of Nature Photography.

I will go back to Acadia in a heartbeat!


6 Responses

  1. Glad you hit some decent weather.. always a questionable prospect in that neighborhood, take it from an old native Yankee. I'm sure you're busy processing, pondering and processing some more:) Looking forward to seeing more of your Maine work, it's been so many years since I've been there for real.

  2. Hi Mark. I may have shot my wad. I am pretty happy with these Otter Cliff photos. We'll see if I can follow up with anything close. I am going to post a series of shots made while in Maine. We did find some good stuff!

  3. Beautiful photos Andy — I look forward to the series.

  4. Andy, I couldn't agree with you more about Acadia. I'd go back any time. I'm glad you found some color. I was concerned that as late as you went, the you wouldn't find much.If you are looking for my vote, I like the first image better than the second one.My wife and I ate a lot of lobster too but she likes them all cleaned up with no green color anywhere so she would order the lobster tails. I'll take it anyway it is served. I'm glad you had a great trip.

  5. Thanks, Donna. Always appreciate your comments. If you haven't been, plan to try to get up there. Its a gem which often gets forgotten in the gushing we tend to do about our Wester NP's (which are-deservedly) showcased so often.

  6. Thanks alot, Al. All your vote did was move it back to a tie! Seriously, as always, I appreciate your comment! I am going to print them both this weekend. It will be interesting to see how the noise issues hold up.Funny about the lobster. Born and raised in Michigan, I am truly an Easterner at heart. I love any kind of seafood — but especially the shellfish variety. As expensive and revered as Lobster is, I prefer Maryland Crab and gulf shrimp. I thought the New Orleans crawfish was pretty darn good, too. But if lobster is available, I am like you — I'll take it any way I can get it.

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