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Happy New Year!

Variations on Light

I named my company, website, and this Blog “Light Centric” for a reason.  That photography means, roughly, “painting with light,” has much significance.  “Good” light can make a mediocre subject remarkable.  A remarkable subject in poor light is often unremarkable.

Many of us as serious photographers view this quite literally — finding the right light to “capture” the subject on our chosen medium (for me, for many years, a palette of different film emulsions — and now, digital capture).    What has, to me, distinguished photography from other forms of art, is–at least a degree–of “photorealism.”  In looking for “light centric” compositions, I rarely deviate from this approach.  My “photoshopping” of an image it usually done to “enhance” the presentation of my “capture” by boosting saturation, contrast, sharpeness, vividness of color, etc.

Digital photographraphic software has given us an exciting new “palatte” to work with, however.  And while I rarely do deviate, perhaps as an “artist”,” I should be willing to color outside the lines at least occasionally.  While trained, true artists may find my image here “pedestrian” and perhaps even crude and artless, it represents–for me personally–a departure from my traditional approach to photography.  It does incorporate some traditional, albeit creative, photographic approaches.  The base exposure is simply a medium-long exposure during which the lens is zoomed out.  In Photoshop, I added some filter effects, including the lighting effect shown.

I thought it was interesting that the photo seems in keeping with the “light centric” theme.  The subject is Christmas lights, and the photoshop filter is a creative “lighting” filter.   When I look at the image, I see light–and hope.  Perhaps hope for a brighter, more enlightened 2010!  I hope you like it.

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