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More Minnesota North Shore Photography

Split Rock Lighthouse

A few weeks back, I posted a piece on the Centennial celebration of the Split Rock Light in Split Rock State Park on the Minnesota North Shore.  This decommissioned light celebrated 100 years in July.  The light will be lit in recognition of this milestone a number of times during 2010.  It also gets lit on the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, in tribute to those seamen, each year.  There are books devoted to photography of the lighthouse.  It has been photographed 1000’s of times and surely appears on 100’s of web sites (now including my own).  Probably only a few, however, have shots of the light with fireworks in the background.

While Split Rock is what drew me to Minnesota, I discovered that the North Shore has many other opportunities to photograph natures wonder. There are numerous cascading waterfalls and rivers finding their eventual way into Lake Superior.  There are bluffs and “seaside” scenes.  And this is the gateway into the famous Boundary Waters Canoe area.

We photographed the “touristy” Gooseberry Falls on the Sunday morning after the lighthouse

Gooseberry Falls

shoot.  We were fortunate to be there at sunup and not have to deal with the crowds of people climbing and swimming around the falls during the daytime hours.  Shots of the main falls are nice, but in my view, “ho hum.”  The upper falls, however, are worth wandering up the trail a bit.  However, the real photo op for the upper falls is in the late afternoon when the golden light of the setting sun lights them.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that on this trip.

Of course, I had to climb down into the top portion and follow my own vision of more intimate shots of the falls.  In spite of a gray overcast morning, I like the colors in the rocks and the water.

On Saturday morning, following the morning Split Rock shooting, we traveled up to the Cascade River and climbed way down into the gorge for a shot.  My friend Al has the shot hanging on his wall.  When we got down there, it was no longer there!  Mother nature is amazing.  It is an argument for taking shots when you are there (I have a shot of Miner’s Castle in the Michigan U.P. which can never again be taken, as erosion caused one of the turrets to fall since then).  Once down in the canyon, we decided to make the best of what we had.  I like the colors of the swirling water and the rocks in the background.

Cascade River

4 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your experiences from the MN trip Andy. It was a pleasure to view the images, and I really like the colors of the water in the last shot. I think it’s always a nice thing to hear “how” the shots were taken, and what were the conditions and the thought process that went into getting a particular shot. Kinda helps to make it go full circle or something for me. That’s something I recently started doing on my own blog with some of my recent VT trip photos……and something I think I’ll do more often!

    • You know me, Carol. No short sentences on my blogs :-). Thanks for the comments. What made the Minnesota trip special was the ability to spend the weekend doing what I love with two special friends. It was an experience I’ll not soon forget!

  2. Andy:
    Really impressed with your layout of the site.. you give a real sense for the overall experience and the pictures tell the rest of the story. The extra info and categories is also appreciated.
    The pictures are great. Vermont looks like you caught quite few good shots..first time I’ve went through all the waterfall pictures. Impressive.
    The effort and passion you put in here shows. The site is fun and I really appreciate and enjoy the photography.
    Don’t forget someday I get to go along……..right.

    • Paul: Thanks for the nice comments. Glad you like the new website. I think it is an improvement from a viewer perspective. And yes, you do get to come along — I expect you to be my guide to some of the spots we discussed last week.

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