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Fall Color In Vermont – 2010

Bragg Hill Road, Waitsfield, Vermont

On October 1, I left for New England for my third week-long fall foliage photography trip to Vermont in the past 10 years.  I may be a jinx on Vermont foliage.  In 2005, I cajoled my best friend, and fellow photographer, Rich to drive with me for the week.  I had promised him for years that as good as our Northern Michigan fall color is, New England would “blow it away.”  We have a governor here in Michigan who made that promise, too.  Sadly, neither of us have been able to deliver.  In 2005, color essentially never happened.  The numerous Vermonters I know assure me it was the worst year ever.  I went again in 2006 and while much better than 2005, it was still a lackluster year, with a strange tendency for early Maple leaf drop.  2007, I understand was incredible, as was 2009.  So I headed East in 2010 with proverbial “great expectations.”

Interstate 91 near Windsor, Vermont

Once again, Mother Nature decided to test my resolve.  Due to a variety of conditions, Vermont (indeed, it seems the whole Northeastern United States, from Minnesota to Maine, with the possible exception of the Adirondack region of New York) experience unusually early turning of the foliage and rapid and early leaf drop.

Dummerston Covered Bridge

Common Road, Waitsfield, Vermont

Fortunately, however, there were numerous pockets of good foliage.  And with a little work, I was able to find some of it.  With a network of friends and the help of the Scenes Of Vermont Foliage Forum, I chased the color around the state.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Andy I thought I drop in and say how nice your shots are. I’m an admin for Yankee Magazine’s fall foliage forum and two facebook pages.

    Anyway even though you are a Michigan photographer we’love to see New England through your eyes. Also I figure you can add the Yankee foliage site to your list of sites to check for updates of good foliage.

    Jeff Foliage

    • Hi Jeff: Thanks for the kind remarks. Its always nice to have your work appreciated. I am of course familiar with the YankeeFoliage site and do check it every year for “intel” about the foliage.

      I had to laugh though, as I can just about hear the inflection when you say “Michigan.” Its really not a pejorative term – LOL! If you have time to folllow the link to my biographical information, you’ll see that I have pretty good “Vermont” credentials — though I am certainly not arguing that I am a Vermonter or New Englander (perhaps except at heart). You can also follow the link to my website (newly refreshed for I hope a better viewer experience) and see the New Additions and the Vermont and Maine galleries for even more images of those 2 wonderfully photogenic places!

      And as for Michigan, if you ever get the chance, the “U.P.” will remind you in many ways of the New England forests. With the addition of the Great Lakes, many small lakes and ponds, and the sandstone formations of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, it can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with New England for photogenics. A great place to visit. If you ever do, contact me and I’ll send you my PDF and fill you on on whater other “intel” I have.

      Best regards, and

      Thanks again for visiting.

      • It wasn’t that I was putting down Michigan but more to say we’re a New England based group and that we “try” to only put up New England location photos (although I have allowed a few from upstate NY).
        You have the credentials, or chops in spades but to be truthful I try to keep the emphasis on all shooters who want to share their vision.
        So long story short… You have beautiful photography in general but I would love to see you become a part of our group on FB (if you do stuff like that) If not I have subscribed and I will stop in from time to time.

        Thanks for sharing and I will share your blog link to my group as you have good things to say.

        Jeff “Foliage” Folger

      • Hi Jeff. I know you weren’t putting Michigan down. Thats why the LOL at the end of the sentence :-). If you knew me, you would know I have a pretty active (and sometimes off the wall) sense of humor. Some of the Vermonters really do have that inflection in their voice when they mention other states :-).

        And, really, where I live in Michigan is truly “flatlander” country. Pretty boring. We do have some nice areas in our state — but very different than New England. No mountains, for instance.

        I understand. Yankee Magazine and the foliage forums are clearly New England based. Indeed there are NO other forums even close to Scenes of Vermont and Yankee. Its kind of sad, actually.

        I am signed up for your forums, but haven’t ventured too far and wide yet, as I have pretty much restricted my New England visits to Vermont. I have been a “lurker” there on and off for years. I have family in Vermont, I attended school there, and lived there so its a natural draw. But I do need to “get out more.”

        I am a moderator on the SOV foliage and Photography forums myself, so I tend to focus there. I will also note that I am very chary of posting any images on the Yankee site because of their terms of use. But I will certainly continue to check in there from time to time.

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