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Paybacks are Good!

Rich Pomeroy contemplating his shot of the North Moulton Barn, Mormon Row, Grand Teton NP, Wyoming
Copyright Andy Richards 2012

Paybacks are often thought of in the negative. But they aren’t always negative. My best friend, Rich Pomeroy, in his introduction to his “Richard Pomeroy Photography” website, credits me for introducing him to photography. Rich has a natural eye and enthusiasm for photography and I am pretty sure his shooting is no more attributable to me than many other factors. In 2005, we took the first of many photography trips together, to places like the Michigan U.P., Vermont, and Maine, in which I acted as “guide.” I had either spent a fair amount of time, or a fair amount of research (or both) on these locations.

Iconic “Oxbow Bend” on the Snake River, reflecting Mount Moran
Copyright Andy Richards 2012

Around 2006, Rich went out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to join the Arizona Highways – sponsored Nikon Photography Workshop in Grand Teton National Park. Since then, he has made 2 additional trips out there and cannot speak highly enough about it. So, in May, he gave the ultimate “payback,” acting as guide in the Park as we photographed the iconic (and some less iconic) scenes in the Park. Over the next several weeks, I will be posting images and commentary from our short, 3 ½ days there. In retort to his comments, I want to say to Rich, that I am also grateful for our long friendship and the enthusiasm he brings to our hobby.

The “Beaver Pond” in a creak off of the Snake River relects the “Cathedrals” of the Teton Range at Schabacher Landing
Copyright Andy Richards 2012

The area combines 2 major National Parks and a couple National Forests. It is quintessential “West” with mountains, abundant wildlife, rivers and streams, horses, and Western style barns and corrals. Bends and small tributary creeks in the Snake River which winds throughout Grand Teton National Park, create wonderful reflection opportunities when the winds are calm. The unique and dramatic shape of the Teton Range, its peaks covered in snow most of the year, create the stunning backdrops for these images. There are near-endless compositional options available.

The Moulton Barn, Mormon Row, Grand Teton NP, Wyoming, is perhaps the most photographed barn in the West.
Copyright Andy Richards 2012

The Jackson Hole area is all to the East of the Teton Range, so early morning shooting opportunities abound. My admonishment, “Don’t Be Late,” was never more applicable than in this shooting location. Fortunately, the 2 hour time difference (in our favor) made rolling out of bed at 4:00 a.m. to be on location for the “alpenglow” easier. But make no mistake, if you are lazy, you will miss some magical moments (and light) as things come alive.

Bison in Grand Teton NP are relatively acclimated to human presence (but very dangerous nonetheless)
Copyright Andy Richards 2012

Unfortunately, our airlines weren’t 100% cooperative, and we lost a whole morning of shooting due to missing a connecting flight in Detroit. There just weren’t enough sunrises this trip to capture it all in the good light. This was a first trip for me – enough to convince me I want to go back, soon! While it will make his 4thtrip, I have a sneaking suspicion Rich will be right with me.

Thousands of Elk roam both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park and nearby vicinity
Copyright Andy Richards 2010


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  1. Ah geeze, Andy, you just paid it forward. 🙂

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