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The New Year and Resolutions


Holiday Lights 2012
Copyright 2012 Andy Richards

We are now a day away from another new year. 2012 was in many ways an eventful year for me. It was a year of firsts, from my first ever adventure to the Caribbean, to my first trip to Grand Teton National park, to the first time I have ever spent the 4th of July South of the Mason-Dixon line. It was a year of the “new.” A new D7000, quickly to be replaced by a D800; new (NIK) post-production software and a new workflow. Can another new year hope to compete? Lets hope.

I leave for another adventure to the Caribbean later in January, and will carry my full gear and a tripod this trip. In September, I will make a new “first,” when I spend two weeks in Europe. There may be some other “firsts” and “news.”

This is the time of the year that we make resolutions. I could probably resolve to do some things: lose weight, get more exercise, be more productive, be more accepting of others and less judgmental. Be a better boss. Be a better husband and father. Well all of those things are worthwhile and lofty goals, I will make a resolution here, that I might be able to keep (ask my employees, wife and children how I did on the others J ): I resolve to get out more with my camera during the Winter months.

For a number of years now, I have wanted to make some nice Winter and snow images. Unfortunately, that is a real weak spot in my portfolio. So, I will try to make some photographic outings specifically geared to make snow and Winter images in 2013.

Christmas Lights 2012
Copyright 2012  Andy Richards

Christmas Lights 2012
Copyright 2012 Andy Richards

December was at least a start. A sub-part of that resolution was to get out and shoot some holiday nighttime scenes of Christmas lights. On December 23, I got out for a while and made some nighttime images with my new D800. I will do a review of that camera later this year, after I have had a chance to give it more of a workout. What I can say now is that the nighttime images are estimable. The camera handles much like my D700 and so was very familiar in my hands. I did add a new accessory (recommended by my friend, mentor and teacher, James Moore); a right-angle viewfinder. I will say that based on the first use, I am sold. It is not only a more comfortable way to frame up a photograph, but it allows me to use my tripod without the lowest (smallest diameter) legs extended in most cases, giving me a more rigid platform for shooting. And I really like the lowered camera perspective for the most part.

I am looking forward to 2013, the unknown and unexpected, and sharing with all here. To all of my readers, thank you for indulging me during the past years and especially 2012, and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Christmas Lights 2012Copyright 2012  Andy Richards

Christmas Lights 2012
Copyright 2012 Andy Richards

5 Responses

  1. Andy, the real trick to keeping New year resolutions is to put a ringer in there. I always close my list with “stop smoking.” I always keep that one because I’ve never smoked in my life. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year. Good shooting next year. Ray

    • LOL, Ray! The problem, for me, is that I have so many bad habits that I don’t think there IS a ringer in there for me :-).

      Happy New Year to you, and good shooting to you, to. Thanks for your friendship, your support and your insights. I’ll look forward to seeing your images in 2013!

  2. Dress warm! πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year buddy. I’m looking forward to some amazing winterscapes. Please don’t disappoint. πŸ™‚

  3. I like the idea of having a ringer, like taking at least 10 picture I like for my end of the year picks. That’s cool you made it to the Caribbean… I must have missed that post and will look for it. Have fun with the D800. I have watched my file sizes grow tremendously and my processing time slow a bit, but I remedied most of that by adding more RAM. I think the rest of the slowdown is processor related, and I am not ready for a full computer upgrade.

  4. The images here, while admittedly nothing spectacular, pleasantly surprised me with how little difference there was in processing time. I am not sure it was even noticeable.Time will tell. And, my philosophical approach to imagery has changed enough that I will have less images to process in any event πŸ™‚ Heading back to the Caribbean in 2 weeks!

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