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New Orleans

New Orleans, LA
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

Some 20 years ago, we spent a long weekend in New Orleans.  We stayed across Canal Street and spent a fair amount of time wandering around the French Quarter. I fell in love with the food, feasting on Crawfish Etouffe, Jambalaya, Gumbo, and red beans and rice.  At some point I wandered into one of the small groceries and asked someone what spices the locals used to with their roux bases.  He pointed to the counter and said “Zatarain’s. I thought he was kidding, because this stuff was freely available in our Saginaw, Michigan grocery chains. But he was serious.  Signs often attract my photographic image, and this one says NOLA to me.

Superdome; NOLA
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

This fall was an unusual period for me. I almost always plan a dedicated trip based around fall foliage somewhere. The last couple years have been a bit unsettled, as – for whatever reason – we have had trips planned that involved groups and were more about the social aspect than dedicated photography. Last year we spend almost 2 weeks in the Greek Isles and the Mediterranean and took a late October trip to Las Vegas. This year, work and personal scheduling kept me away much of September and October, with just one very short, 3 day weekend photo trip.  Late October, again, involved a trip, this time for just a couple days, to New Orleans.

Bourbon Street; NOLA
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

Both of these late October trips were social in nature, with a group of 5 couples. There was not much time for dedicated photography and I didn’t even really try in either instance. There were people I should have connected with in both places, but the schedule just didn’t allow for either. I still hope to return someday with just my camera, no itinerary, and a visit to my friend there who I know can show me the real, New Orleans.

Mississippi River; NOLA
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t carry my camera. Very much like my cruises, the shooting became a shoot-when-you-can, point and shoot, street shot exercise. I carried the small camera, as always.  And I shot.  One of the things I would like to do someday is walk around a couple of the cemeteries. I am told that most of them are private and charge an admission. I also am told that the one I got the fleeting “drive-by” shot of – St. Louis Cemetary No. 1 – requires a guide (as Ray notes, sadly, the reason for this is because of vandalism -we have become such a destructive society; both physically and emotionally). A guide is fine, as long as I can take my time, look for, and make some shots. There is one, in the Garden District, I believe, that is public.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

We stayed in the French Quarter. And, for the most part, we literally stayed in the French Quarter, except to venture out to a couple restaurants, a “Hop On / Hop Off” bus tour, and the World War II Museum.  We spend a full day in this museum and still did not see everything.  There is a small, adjacent Civil War Museum that I would also like to visit.  It was a pretty intense day.  I was born at the very end of the Viet Nam war, and had a very high draft number.  I never saw military service, but have family members and close friends who did.  I have always been thankful their sacrifices for me freedom.  But I am not sure I truly appreciate it.  This was an experience that reminded me.  Thank you, to all of you who have served.

National WW II Museum
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

NOLA has rich, mixed cultural tradition, and appears readily accepting of people, cultures, ideas and freedom.  And often, in its acceptance, its humor.  I liked the humor in the “One Way” sign.

Bourbon Street; NOLA
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

There is a mix of architectural and artistic style in French Quarter.  And while Bourbon Street is perhaps the most well know by outsiders, the many streets that weave across the quarter have a great deal of unique charm and beauty.

Royal Street
French Quarter; NOLA
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

French Quarter
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

New Orleans is also known for its music. Jazz and Blues are what I mainly conjure when I think of NOLA and I was disappointed to find that 20 years after my first visit, most of the music in the bars and restaurants in the French Quarter were performing modern rock music.  I guess the shopkeepers have to stay open and in order to do so, must cater to what attracts today’s visitor.  But I would have liked to have seen more Jazz and Blues.  I can find modern rock music in almost any other venue.  The street musicians were a little more likely to be playing jazz/blues music.

Street Musicians
French Quarter
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

And of course, the occasional “second line” parade sported jazz (although I think these are more commonly seen in some of the wards outside of the French Quarter).  This was a small one that happened by us and was over very quickly.

Second Line Parade
French Quarter
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

There was art and architecture everywhere we looked.

Piano in the Window; French Quarter
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

French Quarter
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

Architectural Detail
French Quarter
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

I just finished the latest John Grisham novel, which was set in the 1940’s.  Mostly in his home stomping grounds of Mississippi, NOLA played a substantial part, and there was mention of the Hotel Monteleone.  We did not make it, but I am told that a Martini in the bar is an experience that we should not have missed.  I shot this from a balcony bar on Halloween night.

Hotel Monteleone at night
French Quarter; NOLA
Copyright Andy Richards 2018

As seems to be a common refrain from me, this is a city I need to visit again, and spend more time when I do :-).

St. Louis Cathedral
Copyright Andy Richards 2018


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for letting us know you were in town. The other thing about New Orleanians is that we have long memories. Heh.

    No. You don’t make roux with Zatarins. He was messin’ with you. You make it with flour and lard. Or butter. It’s a slow process. It’s the base pf everything.

    That is not Lafayette Cemetery No 1. That is around the corner from us. In the Garden District. That is St. Louis Number one or two. You have to be guided there because people kept vandalizing it…. Mostly Marie Laveau’s burial plot.

    If you ever come down here again to make pictures let me know. I’ll take you around for free. Or, I’ll hook you up with Zack Smith, who will do the same thing for a lot of money. BTW, Zack is vp of ASMP/NOGS. I am president.

    One more thing. That second line is a commercial one… done for wedding, or corporate events. You have to get into the hoods for the real thing.

    • Thanks, Ray. I hated not catching up with you, but the occasion just would not have worked. Thanks for the heads up on the name of the Cemetery. I will fix that. Also, thanks for the correction re: roux. I think maybe he was telling me they use it for the spices – and I misunderstood (it was, after all, over 20 years ago) :-). I need to make a dedicated photo trip there. Most of the folks I travel with these days aren’t photographers. Maybe I travel with the wrong folks 🙂

      • No worries. I’ll reply more to your email. We do use that or Tony’s for spice. I’m not sure if you travel with the wrong folks, but maybe you just need some other folks for other trips.

  2. Love this! We are headed to New Orleans for Christmas and this post has us so excited!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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