The Tutorials on this site are simple.  I started writing them as a result of attempting to help some friends who were a little further down the “learning” curve than me.  I have from time to time “tutored” beginning photographers in their quest to become more knowledgeable, and the tutorials here are often re-hashes of my “back and forth” e-mails with these folks trying to understand all the buttons, dials, terms and technology.  If you are a beginner, I hope you will find them helpful to you.

If you are experienced, I probably won’t add much to what you already know, but I invite and encourage your critical comment here.

There are lots of blogs and websites that offer tutorials on “how to” do things related to Digital Photography including photography advice and using programs like Photoshop.  One of the best photography tutorial sites I know, for example, is The Lumious Landscape , where ditigal photography frontiersman and expert, Michael Reichman generously shares his vast knowledge of all things – digital SLR.  Photoshop guru, Scott Kelby also has a great pay site which allows you to get video instruction for a very reasonable per session basis at his Kelby Training site.
I have no illusions of competing with them.  Indeed I encourage all to visit their sites, plus the many others out there.